Open access Published Workshop paper
Kovanović, V., Joksimović, S., Gašević, D., & Siemens, G.
Joint Proceedings of the Workshop on Methodology in Learning Analytics (MLA) and the Workshop on Building the Learning Analytics Curriculum (BLAC) co-located with 7th International Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK 2017)
Publication year: 2017


The recent technological advancements provide many opportunities for improvement of learners’ experience. The social nature of modern educational systems and the blending of formal and informal learning enable for more situated and personalized learning experiences. Moreover, the vast amount of data about learning activities can be utilized in a proactive manner to enable data-informed instructional interventions and attainment of learning outcomes. However, the present instructional and learning design approaches do not take into the account the potentials of digital data and analytics. In this paper, we introduce the Digital Learning Design framework which enables the development of course learning designs in a manner that incorporates evidence-driven nature of modern analytical systems with the sound pedagogical underpinnings of learning design research.